Lead Generation

Every Lead Generation campaign needs to deliver a quantifiable return.

Demand generation is a strategic part of the marketing plan and when done properly, is the most direct and cost-effective way of generating revenue.

We have been supplying demand generation services to the world’s leading technology companies for over 20 years. During this time we have gained demonstrable experience across a wide range of solutions and verticals so chances are we understand your business challenges and know how to deliver your proposition.

By taking time to understand your long term business requirements we are able to align a demand generation plan to support your ongoing strategy. This plan provides a predicted sales pipeline that is fully tracked, measured and has the flexibility to adapt to ensure that each quarter’s targets are achieved.

By combining telemarketing with digital services you can build an immediate audience, raise awareness and strengthen the relationship to a point of action. IRS offers this with the ease of one point of contact, the benefits of economies of scale and a joined-up approach to your demand generation campaign.

Central to what we do is a passion for quality and the belief that the measure of demand generation success should ultimately be through the effect it has on your sales pipeline value and the Return on Marketing Investment generated.

We assess the value of every lead and only deliver those that have the right potential for you. It’s a straightforward concept that offers a solution to the problem of having to estimate the number of leads you think you will need across a year. An impossible task seeing as every lead has a different potential value.

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Lead Generation