Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing leads are a valuable source for your sales pipeline.

Creating marketing campaigns burns time, effort and money so it's essential that leads are followed-up appropriately and swiftly to capitalise on the prospect’s interest.

Unfortunately ‘inbound’ responses don’t always deliver to their full potential as the leads get lost in the sales database and are either not followed up, or if so are not done quickly enough. At IRS we provide you with an effective response mechanism that includes set response timescales and a well tested, methodical approach to following up that ensures all respondents receive the relevant attention.We also provide you with detailed reporting which shows the most successful campaigns by type and subject, allowing you to fine tune your future efforts to those areas that deliver the highest return.

Live Call Response Handling

 We can also provide you with a Live Call Response Handling Service, ensuring the first engagement with your company is not only responsive, timely and professional, but also delivered in their native language. We can also help with setting up local numbers in the relevant countries.

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Inbound Marketing


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"The seamless working relationship between IRS and our sales teams has delivered outstanding results across EMEA." Ping Identity

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