Channel Partners

Sourcing the right partners is a challenge

An ideal partner not only implements your solutions but also shares your company vision and extends your sales force.

To be successful in acquiring new partners that are able to achieve what you require from them, you need to ensure you have analysed what your ideal partner looks like and have a proposition which includes what you have to offer them. IRS’ experience can guide you through the acquisition process to ensure you avoid the pitfalls.

You may also want to look at your existing partners to review if they are still supporting their business goals. We can work with you to implement a partner assessment programme to understand who is still relevant and where new partners would be required to support business growth.


Developing the channel partners’ sales pipeline is an invaluable tool to support the delivery of successful results. IRS has 20+ years experience of assisting vendors and their partners to engage with their shared audience, gain interest and deliver qualified leads.

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