Case Study - Marketing Data

EMC - Client Profile

EMC Corporation is a Fortune 500 company that delivers information infrastructure solutions to the world’s largest companies. The Information Intelligence Group (IIG) is responsible for their ECM and Capture solutions, boasting some of the industry’s best known names in Documentum and Captiva.

The Campaign

Originally known for its storage offering, EMC is now a world leader in information management. Whilst this change has meant a range of more complete solutions for EMC customers, it has also created marketing challenges. Most traditional EMC customer contacts, for example, were storage responsibles with little interest in ECM offerings and this was reflected in their marketing databases. A strategic decision was taken to focus and refine the marketing data. IRS was engaged to deliver this.

The Brief

Having analysed and re-structured EMC’s data to reflect the new targeting and allow the re-classification of contacts, IRS worked to a list of required job functions and researched all EMC’s Named Accounts across EMEA. The brief to IRS was to include a ‘gap-analysis’ to understand which functions were missing before approaching each organisation, to use local language speakers to gather the required names and to profile infrastructure and usage information relating to the EMC portfolio.

The brief for each country was delivered by the EMC regional marketing lead to allow for any local customisation.

What happened

Over the course of 2 years IRS identified and confirmed in excess of 22,000 contacts and provided detailed profile information on over 200 Key Accounts. During this detailed IRS investigation, 50 additional opportunities were unearthed, a result that led to the widening of the brief to repeat this approach in each region.

EMC has now considerably increased its reach and is able to actively market to the most relevant contacts, resulting in reduced marketing costs and increased return.

What Next?

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