About IRS Direct

We approach demand generation differently

We believe that when done properly, integrated marketing is the most cost-effective way of growing pipeline. Through a single point of contact at IRS, you will enjoy a joined-up programme of social media, digital, telemarketing, database creation and event management that delivers real, measurable ROI into the pipeline.

IRS has recently acquired Connection2, bringing together two technology marketing agencies under the same roof and offering our EMEA clients many decades of corporate and personal experience in the sector.

Established in 1990, IRS has grown organically to become the leading EMEA demand generation agency for the ICT sector. Connection2 started in Dublin in 1998 with a strong focus on channel. Over the years, the two have delivered 'return on marketing investment' for some of the leading global tech vendors, including IBM, HP/Aruba, Oracle/Sun, EMC/VMware, SAP, Lenovo, and Fujitsu as well as a plethora of rising stars. Together, the two agencies offer clients a unique blend of demand generation and channel development services, supported by digital creative and platform services. 

Account-based marketing is our modus operandi, enabling you to profile and target key accounts directly through decision-makers and influencers. We strive to : 
  • understand your business and your goals 
  • ensure a quantifiable return 
  • provide everything for a set price 
  • deliver your proposition through an experienced team who are always available to you

Central to what we do is a passion for quality and the belief that the only worthwhile way to measure success is through the effect it has on your sales pipeline value.

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